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  • ​Light plastering mortar

    product description:

    Yidetong Thin layer plaster is a mortar applied to the surface of a building or building component. It is required to have a good workability for plastering mortar, and it is easy to be smeared into a uniform flat layer for construction. It should also have a high bonding force, and the mortar layer should be able to bond firmly to the bottom surface without cracking or falling off for a long time. It should also have high water resistance and strength when it is in a humid environment or is susceptible to external forces (such as the ground and wall skirts).


    The bonding strength is high, so that it does not fall off or crack under the action of self-weight and environment during construction or long-term;

    The surface layer is mostly thin layer and applied layer by layer. The surface layer is required to be smooth, smooth, delicate and beautiful.

    It is mostly used in dry environments and exposed to the air in large areas.

    Scope of application:

    Mainly applicable to block building, sand aerated concrete block, lightweight brick building, aerated concrete block series, high water absorption wall material, lightweight partition wall, lightweight partition.

    Packing specification: 25kg

  • Thin plastering mortar

    product description:

    Yidetong light plastering mortar can directly replace ordinary mortar, increase the strength, durability and impermeability of the wall surface, greatly reduce the emptying and cracking of the wall caused by ordinary mortar construction, and reduce the maintenance cost. Reduce construction waste, use lightweight mortar directly on the aerated brick wall, no need to make special interface mortar, reduce interface cost.


    Moderate compression and flexural strength.

    The waterproof and breathable performance is good, so that the thermal insulation wall has a breathing function.

    Perfectly matched with the performance of the new lightweight block, it is not hollow and cracked.

    Excellent construction, green and environmentally friendly, especially suitable for fine decoration projects.

    Scope of application:

    It is suitable for internal and external wall plastering construction and heat preservation effect of a variety of strong water-absorbing wall materials such as aerated concrete block, lime sand brick and ceramsite brick.

    It is suitable for the inner and outer wall plastering construction and thermal insulation effect of clay porous brick, concrete hollow block and red brick.

    Plastering construction and insulation effect of reinforced concrete shear walls, beams, columns and plates.

    Packing specification: 25kg

  • Polymer crack resistant mortar

    product description:

    Yidetong polymer anti-cracking mortar is a powdery product made of high-quality cement, quartz sand, rubber powder and various functional additives and admixtures. The polymer anti-cracking mortar has many advantages such as high flexibility, high bonding strength, high weather resistance, good waterproof and crack resistance, environmental protection and convenient operation.


    It has high adhesive strength and high softening coefficient on the board and extruded board.

    Water resistance, alkali resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, and weather resistance.

    Fast drying and convenient construction.

    Scope of application:

    A stupid, cracked layer of the surface of the board. Vitrified microbead insulation mortar, polystyrene thermal insulation glue and other anti-cracking plaster layer of insulation material.

    Packing specification: 25kg

  • Soundpoof mortar

    product description:

    The sound insulation (acoustic) mortar of Judetong is made by mixing, mixing and mixing with cement, quartz sand, sound insulation filler and high quality admixture.


    Convenient construction and high cost performance.

    Compared with the cost of the main wall structure of the project, the cost is reduced by nearly 70% compared with the cost of the main structure of the project.

    It is not easy to form an acoustic bridge, which has high strength, is not easy to break, and is not easy to crack.

    Good workability, excellent sound insulation performance, strong adhesion to the substrate, low shrinkage, good construction performance, ready to use water;

    Stable quality, convenient construction, low consumption, no cracking, no empty drum. When using, add appropriate amount of water according to the requirements, evenly smeared on the wall to form a sound insulation layer with a thickness of about 30 mm.

    When the sound wave arrives, the damping material and the elastic material in the HY-F1 sound-insulating mortar will absorb or compress the energy, so that the sound wave is blocked or converted into heat energy.

    Scope of application:

    It is suitable for places or spaces with weak sound insulation performance in residential buildings, office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, and library tubes.

    Packing specification: 25kg

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Foshan yidetong new environmental protection building materials co., ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and sales of environmental protection and energy saving dry powder mortar. The main products are thin mortar masonry mortar, mortar plaster mortar. Lightweight plastered mortar, plaster mortar, waterproof materials, ceramic tile glue, joint filler, water - resistant putty and other products. The company is committed to the global leading technology research and development at the beginning of its establishment, with the international business philosophy and quality service in the market to establish a good corporate image. High-tech into the building materials industry, with advanced full automatic production line, can achieve bulk into the warehouse to the finished product out of the whole process is intelligent control, production line. Follow up the product quality at any time. Provide livable building materials products for consumers, which is the goal and mission of yidetong.

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